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  • Impotency: a Happy Home Grown Page!!
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    • my band is good and i am really cool la la la.

    • well, the NEW! frame page is up.. But I'm still working on the other pages. If you dont like the way the frames look go to the bottom of the page and click on the fat-ass Productions link to e-mail me and tell me so. Just e-mail me damnit and send in tabs and pics, and you will be famous!

    • this page is under some MAJOR renovations. You may be able to see some little changes, but im working on better graphics, and an awesome frames page, so check back often!

    • the new Band section is done and includes some cool pictures and other things about each member. send in more pics... more pics!

    • Thanks to J-Cool for tabbing SFLB. Now damnit, its your turn to tab something.

    • Act Your Age - On Sale NOW!.. well whats are you still doin here? go out and get the damn album!CDNow!.

    • If you have any lyrics or tabs to the HG songs send them to

    • special thanks to Bob Herco and Jookey!

    • Please link my page with the banner found on the links page if you have a webpage...

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