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Adam Lohrbach - Vocals, Bass
Ian Cone - Vocals, Guitar
Johnee Trash - Vocals, Guitar
Bob Herco - Drums

For the members of Orange County's very own Home Grown, keeping their sanity is hard work. Shows, tours, school, day jobs, band practice and a little surfing and boarding tossed-in for fun, keep things at a crazy pace for the band whose brand of power pop punk is picking up steam in clubs and record stores around the country.
Together now for two years, Home Grown hails from the city of Orange where John, Ian, and Bob graduated from El Modena High School. Shortly after graduating, the three musicians joined up with Adam who had also just graduated from Estancia High School in Costa Mesa.
Holed-up in Bob's garage, the foursome went to work putting together the songs which would eventually appear on several compilation records and their debut CD release That's Business. Being the first release on an unknown record label and with no tour support and bare-bone promotion, Home Grown knew they had to make things happen for That's Business on their own. They immediately hit the local club circuit playing shows and parties all over Orange and Riverside counties. Word of mouth spread through the punk rock community about Home Grown's energetic live shows and their audiences grew bigger and bigger with bands like Unwritten Law and Blink-182 extending opening act invitations to the band.
Although it was recorded on a shoe-string budget, That's Business, began selling strongly. Requests came in for the band to participate on several compilation records distributed nationally on larger labels- which led to requests for That's Business in record stores across the country-which, actually, spread across the Atlantic and led to requests for Home Grown in Europe. That's Business has currently sold over 13,000 copies in the US and over 8,000 copies in Europe. "We really didn't plan any of it," says Ian. "It just sort of happened. I guess, our music tapped into something that people liked, I mean, we practiced hard and played hard, but we owe any success to our fans."
"Home Grown was something to do, something to break up the monotony of living in the suburbs," says Johnee. "We were all going to school and surfin'." We never imagined it would grow like it has."
Grown it has. With "She Said","Alternative Girl", and "Shirley D. Pressed", Home Grown reached the #1 most-requested positions on KROQ's Rodney On the Roq show for several weeks at a time and "Surfer Girl" reached the top-ten most-requested list on Radio Free Hawaii leading to the band's performance with Sack Lunch (top-ranked surfer Rob Machado band) in Hawaii. Sweden's Burning Heart label offered to license a 5 song EP from the band entitled Wusappaning?!? and sold 7,000 copies in Europe (in the U.S., the EP is available only at the band's shows). "Another Face in The Crowd " was used in Warren Miller's newest ski and snowboard epic "Snowriders."
Home Grown's musical influences cover a wide range of creativity which directly reflects their musical spontaneity and variety. On stage they've played with such notables as Sublime, The Dickies, Circle Jerks and face to face. But offstage, they've grown up listening to a whole musical spectrum ranging from NOFX, Propagandhi, (old) Metallica, Depeche Mode, Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, N.W.A., and even Michael Jackson.
Songs like "Surfer Girl" with its jazzy lounge intro, upbeat ska/reggae bridge and verse and songwriter Lohrbach's penchant for story-telling puts the song in a league of its own. With "Alternative Girl", Johnee Trash has tapped into the essence of the Southern California boy/girl dynamic. "She Said" speaks to every guy who has ever been dumped or snubbed by a girl. Johnee and Adam handle most of the songwriting duties and lead vocals, although, Ian takes the lead vocal position on a few songs. With three great voices in the band, background harmonies have become a signature sound in Home Grown's music.
Considering growin airplay and record sales, a national tour under their belts, a track on the upcoming Duran Duran tribute album on Mojo Records, and a guitar case full of new songs, it seems Home Grown is destined to be more than just another face in the crowd!
-Bob Herco